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Video Surveillance - CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

Have you ever wanted to know who was at your front door before you walked there to find out? How about keeping an eye on the kids in the pool when you are working in your home office?  Or, have you wished you could look in on the baby without having to climb the stairs every time?
You can do them all by adding Closed Circuit TV to your home wiring network.
Remote vieiwing provides you access to streaming video in a variety of ways that works best for you. Imagine watching your children from your cell phone or computer while you are work or even away on a business trip.

What CCTV can do for you:

  • See who's at the door from any TV in the house
  • Check on the baby from multiple locations in your home
  • Watch the kids in the pool while working in your home office
  • Monitor activity throughout your home, from any TV, PC, or your Smart Phone
  • Alarm Verification‚Äč