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How would you define "Peace of Mind?'  How about knowing that your family, home or Business is protected 24 hours per day, seven days per week?

Your security, fire, CCTV does not end with an alarm system.  More important is the security monitoring that substantially increases your level of protection. It is the UL Central Station security monitoring that enables your  system to become a virtual security guard while you are away.

DEA Security Systems is dedicated to providing its clients with the most reliable monitoring services available in the market today. Our UL central station personnel are independent of any other departments, allowing them to commit their entire focus to the handling of alarms. All calls are answered promptly by a live operator who has been trained to assist with a varietyof emergency situations.

Security monitoring provides additional advantages as well. We can monitor more than just your home or business alarm system. The more elements you add to your home, the more they can be monitored. For example, if you have CCTV security camera, or other security surveillance equipment, it can easily be linked to a security monitoring station. This will allow the staff at the monitoring station to see your CCTV feed in the event that an alarm goes off. This will not only help them determine if it is a real or false alarm, but will help them direct the necessary authorities to exactly what is going on.

Security monitoring stations can also be linked up with fire or flood detectors among many other security devices.  Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with our 24/7 Central Station Monitoring service.

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