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For nearly thirty years, DEA Security Systems Company, Inc. has been a pioneer in residential and commercial electronics technology.  We are recognized by our peers, associations, and related trade professionals as one of the most respected system integrators in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Utilzing the latest software and control systems technolgoy, DEA is a leader in providing integrated solutions for security, fire, audio/visual, home theater, lighting, and automation control systems.

By bridging the gap between technology and lifestyle, DEA provides professionally engineered and reliable solutions that are customized to meet the needs of our customers.  Our systems are built on the latest platforms and technoloogies that leverage cloud-based content, web browsers, and powerful mobile digital devices.  We blend technology into estate homes, trendy apartments, or corporate boardrooms.

DEA operates in three specific channels:  Fee-based consulting and engineering; Project sales and implementation; and service, maintenance and system upgrades for residential and business clients.

Home Theater

Whether your dream is to have a dedicated home theater or a multi-purpose media room, we have a customized solution for you and your family.  We can also integrate your theater or media room with a distributed audio and/or video system, so you can watch the same movie in one or more rooms.  Additional, we have a wide range of remote controls, all of which make controlling your system easy. (Click here to learn more about our home theater services.)

Distributed Audio Visual

DEA works smart to position all of your audio/video gear into a centralized location and distribute those signals to many locations throughout your home. Combined with the latest ultra-thin LCD/LED/Plasma displays and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, your rooms will remain clutter free. You can control what you see and hear and the volume from a hand-held remote, an in-wall touch-panel or even your iPhone or iPad.

Lighting Control and Automation

Lighting control offers many ways to help the environment, while beautifying your home.  Additional benefits include:
Security:  Turn your lights on from you car, so you don't have to enter a dark home.
Energy Savings:  Set your lights at various brightness levels to save money.
Convenience:  Turn your lights on or off from your bedroom at night.
Integrated Climate Control:  Control your heating and AC remotely from any computer.

Structured Wiring

If you are building a new home, a well-planned structed wiring system will equip your home for both basic and advanced systems, including multi-media and interactive communicaitons services. Pre-wiring of a new home can save you literally thousands of dollars.


Streaming media has become mainstream today.  Almost every Blu-ray player, game console, and satellite box has streaming capabilities for services such as Netflix, Pandora, etc.  DEA can help you make sense of this technology and help you to manage all of the content you would like access to.


DEA installs customized video surveillance systems, so you can monitor camera feeds from inside your home or remotely for a comptuer or smart phone.  We can design something as simple as a single front door camera to see arriving visitors to a multi-camera system for full coverage of your property.

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