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A quality home theater system can be the key to enjoying a cinema-quality movie experience in the comfort of your own home. Many family activities also include the use a gaming systems and music. Getting these systems to run simultaneously is often the challenge at hand.

From the design of your theatre room to the placement of your surround sound speakers, DEA Security Systems can supply and install a completely automated surround sound home theater system customized to maximize your audio-visual needs.

A home theater can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, anything from a new plasma screen wall-mounted television with a high-quality sound system, to an ultra high-end hme theater room with comfortable reclining theater seats, a home theater projector, and a wall-sized screen.  Add to that integrated residential lighting control systems and automated curtains and shades.

DEA Security Systems installers selects equipment for home theater rooms that insures compatibility among components and optimizes performance according to your desire, budget, and media room layout. We work in conjunction with the architect, builder, interior designer, electricians and other trades to guarantee the most solid and vibration-free home theater surround sound possible. We also insure that the in-wall and in-ceiling cable runs maintian signal integrity and aren't interfered with by lighting fixtures, radio devices, or other electrical sources.

Installing a high-end home theater requires intensive design and planning, a thorough understanding of performance requirements for electronics systems, and critical communicaiton with home theater architects, home theater builders, and interior designers to meet everyone's needs. 

Home Networks

A good home network installation will set the foundation for all of your home’s technology systems. Media systems are more and more dependent on the home network, and to run properly they require very high bandwidth, carefully designed and installed network wiring.

The Internet is now a major source of movies, music, and television. You can now access these media from the Web, watch them directly on a computer or TV or store them on a home media server and distribute them throughout your house.

The right home network installation sets the foundation for all of your technology systems. It allows you to share Internet connections, download or stream music and video, play the same movie on multiple TVs, play multi-player games, share computer files, and share printers, servers, network storage and other devices. It will also allow you to add new devices to your network such as book readers, GPS units and others still to be invented, effectively future-proofing your home for new technologies

A home network designed and installed by DEA will ensure that all of your systems run properly, without bandwidth issues, latency problems or other problems.

DEA technicians are fully trained to install and configure:

  • Computer networks – both wired and WiFi wireless, including the latest mesh network architecture
  • Cable and satellite TV
  • Online access to Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and similar services
  • Media servers
  • Video and audio distribution systems, including network-based, all-digital AV infrastructures
  • Security cameras
  • iPod docks

Since our structured cabling standards exceed all current building codes and industry recommendations, you can be sure your home systems will perform flawlessly today and for many years to come.