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Over the past thirty years, we have continued to receive positive feedback from our residential and business customers.  We are extremely proud of the fact that the consistent "theme" acknowledged in all of our letters is the appreciation for our professional and, most important, our personal service.

We thought we would share one particular letter that we feel sums it up.  

Dear Drake:

On behalf of Robin and myself, please allow me to thank you and your team for the wonderful job that you did in installing a new security system in an elderly family members' home this past December.  Faced with a ridiculously short timetable, your crew rose to the challenge magnificently.

Gus did a great job assessing our needs and showing us exactly what we would be receiving in terms of equipment.  He was extremely responsive and if not immediately available, would return calls typically within a few minutes.  He really showed us that DEA wanted our business.

Charisse went out of her way to ensure that some unusual insurance requirements were handled on very short notice.

The actual installation of the system went smoothly.  Brian was efficient, knowledgeable, and willing to share his expertise without making us feel that our questions were silly or unimportant.  Kevin worked quietly in the background, helping to insure that things went quickly and that we were left with a work site that was organized and clean.

Lastly, you.  You were knowledgeable, quietly self assured, and willing to go out of your way to see that we not only got a comprehensive security system installed in an inordinately short time, but that we had the flexibility to make changes to the design of the system as the technicians were working on site.  The new system has now been operating for more than 60 days and everything is fine.

Drake, thank you again.  We made the decision to go with DEA due in part to the fact that we believe that working with a small, locally-owned company would result in a better end product and that you, as a local business owner, would be more responsive to our needs than a much larger, "cookie cutter" national provider.  We were happy to see that we were correct and would be happy to share our experience with any prospective customer interested in having a new alarm system installed.

I hope that you will share this letter with the other members of your team and give them both our thanks and our congratulations on a job well done.


Susan Cornwall