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As with all of our systems, we offer connections to our award winning UL central monitoring station, providing you and the fire department the fastest, most reliable response to a fire emergency.

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One of the most critical aspects of business security is having a fire detection system that is capable of performing multiple tasks. No office building security system would be complete without a fire alarm device that can summon help and automatically activate the sprinkler system to douse a fire. When it comes to commercial security, there is no such thing as being too safe.

It is also vital that the fire alarm and detection system that you choose provides access control. With a professional fire alarm installation from DEA Security Systems, you will have the ability to pinpoint where the fire originated in your building. A fire monitoring device can also inform you of any changes in the building after a fire has been detected, such as identifying the presence of water or whether the heat and intensity of the fire is increasing.  In addition, we can easily integrate a fire prevention and detection system with your existing security equipment. We are also knowledgeable of all applicable fire code laws and keep ourselves updated on any changes.

DEA Security Systems performs yearly inspections and preventive maintenance to insure the proper operation of your life safety systems. When testing systems, we follow the latest NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) guidelines and provide you with a detailed list of deficiencies and suggestions. We specialize in a complete life safety systems approach, providing true total solutions for your requirements that are both readily obtainable and cost effective.
Our value-added systems solutions are available for a wide range of applications. From small scale conventional projects to larger scale addressable systems, proper choice of equipment and optimum overall system configuration can be custom matched to all applications. Fire systems can be expanded as the needs of your business change, and are easily interconnected to card access systems and elevator systems to allow for proper egress in the event of a fire emergency.