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Issuing each department employee a security card is much faster than requiring them to use a key to enter their respective work departments. Swiping a card to open the door leading into the department takes less than a second. When an employee leaves your company, his or her security card is disabled. This increases the level of security by insuring that the separated employee is unable to get in the building or give the card to an unauthorized person.

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DEA Security Systems provides security solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. When you need business security, we can help to determine the most appropriate measures of controlled access for your particular type of business. An office building attached to a warehouse needs a completely different system than a stand-alone office complex that spans seven floors. Our security professionals are experienced at analyzing how to best control access and will make recommendations based on your company’s specific needs.

When you are in charge of commercial security for your company, it is important to incorporate methods of access control in order to prevent people from going into unauthorized areas. A good office building security system is needed to determine who is in the building and allow you the ability to track their whereabouts at all times. Access barriers are also necessary to limit entry to specific departments. These barriers also discourage people who have no business at your company from trying to enter the facility.

Card access or keyless entry helps to ensure that only employees who have a legitimate purpose in a particular area of the office gain access to it. Visitors to the building would not be able to enter the area and would need to check in with the receptionist. This method of limiting access also helps you determine how long visitors remained in the area, when employees swiped their security card at the beginning of their shift, during the day and at the end of their work day.